7 Important Tips for Choosing the Best LED TV


The rapidly evolving technology has brought a major change in the television industry with the introduction of LED television. Nowadays, LED TVs have largely replaced LCD TVs. If you are willing to buy the Best LED TV for your home, read this article and find out the important features you must not ignore.


What does the Best LED TV look like?

LED TVs are a great choice for homes because of their unique benefits. It is not just about the style or size, rather an LED TV offers several benefits you don’t generally find with any other TV. The big screen, the smart technology, the features, and whatnot. There are many reasons for a tech-savvy person to shift to LED TV. The comfort and functionality an LED TV offers are unparalleled. The best LED TV you can find for your home is energy-efficient, provides long-lasting performance, is slim, smart, and has a lightweight design. Not just that, these are environmentally friendly and have a low carbon footprint.


LED TV in comparison to LCD TV

Some basic parameters differentiate LED TV from LCD TV such as:

  • Price

LED backlight televisions are cheaper to manufacture, which is why most manufacturers have moved to LED production lines. LED displays are more energy efficient than LCD TVs using compact fluorescent backlights. The LED lights are also less likely to wear out the service life of the TV.

  • Energy Consumption 

The LED television as compared to standard LCD television consumes 20% to 30% less energy, thus being energy efficient.

  • Image quality

LED televisions have better picture contrast compared to LCD TV screens. LED TV uses as many as 256 brightness settings that can be tuned individually. Some of the modern LED TV models even use 4 to 9 very small LEDs that adjust the brightness at the sub-pixel level, this is something we don’t find in LCD TVs.


Reasons for You to Buy the Best LED TV

Here are five reasons why LED TVs are the best choice for your home. 

  • Big Screen Small Footprint

LED TV has a low screen-to-footprint ratio, meaning in a small space you can easily adjust a big screen. The screen of LED TVs may extend up to 65 inches without significantly increasing in thickness, this makes it ideal for a wide range of spaces.

  • Better Picture Quality

With an LED TV, you are less likely to encounter picture quality problems, and this is because of their self-illuminating LED technology. LED TVs use advanced technological features and thus have reduced chances that images will fade or get damaged over time.

  • Smart Functionality

Like other devices in our homes, LED TVs can also be connected to a Wi-Fi network. This offers a multitude of functions such as you can watch videos and play games. LED TV also allows you to gain access to your media from any place. It can also easily be connected via Bluetooth to external speakers.

  • Better Durability

An LED TV is likely to last longer than other types of television because of the advanced technology LED television uses to display pictures. LED television uses lights in a different way inside the screen and this is why you are less likely to notice a shift in color balance.

  • Energy Efficiency

An LED TV compared with an LCD of the same size consumes lower energy to produce more vibrant and brighter images. With the best LED television, you can save up to 20% to 30% of power and cut down on your electricity bills leaving a reduced carbon footprint.


What Must You Consider While Buying an LED TV

The market is flooded with the best LED TVs with the latest features that may confuse users about what to buy or what not to buy. Which brand or company would be suitable for fulfilling entertainment needs? Which screen size would be most suitable for their homes? Consider the following 7 tips while shopping for an LED television.

  • Placement

The location where you want to place your TV is important to consider. It will help you enjoy the features which you have brought to the smart TV. You can either place it on a table or mount it on a wall. The placement should be where it can easily get connected to your setup box game consoles and DVD players.

  • Connection And Ports

Make sure your LED is integrated with HDMI ports. You should look for a TV with at least four HDMI ports as most devices today use these ports to connect to the TV.

  • Audio Output

There are some models of LED televisions offering dual 10-watt speakers which tend to blare on volumes above 70%. You must invest in an external speaker system or ensure the availability of an output port for multi-channel audio output.

  • Wireless Connectivity

Today the availability of Wi-Fi connectivity is the most demanding feature of every modern device. It offers you on-demand multimedia content, and access to social media, and even allows you to make video calls on a television. You must check if the television you are going to buy has built-in Wi-Fi or supports external Wi-Fi USB for connectivity.

  • Online Streaming Services

There are some models of smart LED TVs that offer built-in streaming apps. If you prefer music streaming services, you should check for the availability of an app store in your smart television that allows you online streaming.

  • Media Player Services

You should make sure to check that your television offers media player services to enhance your watching experience through the media players. You can watch movies and TV shows and even your favorite content from the Internet.

  • Resolution

LED TVs offer HD full HD and 4K options for TV screens. For the higher quality image, we recommend you pick a 4k TV offering 4K is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution.



Technology has revolutionized the entertainment industry and has made it possible for us to enjoy a cinematic view at home with an LED TV. Being different from LCD TVs, an LED TV offers you features and benefits that you could not think of. In terms of picture quality, audio quality, Internet connectivity, smart features, and durability, LED television is unparalleled. If you wish to buy the best LED TV, must make sure to follow the 7 tips given above. Visit Madina Electric Centre for more.

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