7 Features to Look for When Buying a Built-in Oven

Buying a Built-in Oven


Kitchen appliances have significantly modernized to offer integrated design elements. The revolutions in the food industry have yet introduced another innovation of built-in ovens. These offer a fusion of style, flexibility, and convenience for users. This blog will explore the various features and specifications you should look for while Buying a Built-in Oven for your home.


Buying a Built-in Oven in Comparison to Conventional Ovens

The decision of buying the right oven for your kitchen is ultimately governed by your budget, personal preferences, features etc. To understand the different options that you have, consider the comparison given below.

  • The traditional or free-standing ovens stand independently and are not built into any kitchen cabinetry. They integrate the oven and a cooktop into one appliance, thus making them an affordable option. Freestanding ovens offer greater flexibility. Furthermore, these ovens offer you a larger capacity, hence ideal for large families. However, they do not seamlessly blend into your kitchen design and demand hectic cleaning.
  • Built-in ovens can be integrated into the kitchen cabinets providing a sleek and seamless look. They blend seamlessly into your kitchen and add to the appeal of your kitchen. Built-in ovens allow flexible placement, for you to easily access your oven without bending or reaching. If you compare the cost of the two, the built-in ovens are a bit expensive. By optimizing the kitchen space, built-in ovens offer a space-saving design


7 Features to Look for in a Built-in Oven

  1.     What Fuel Type?

Depending upon your kitchen set-up, you can decide which fuel type is better for you. Gas ovens are typically cheap for long-term use, however, they require professional assistance for installation. Electric ovens represent the cutting-edge of technology and offer more responsive and precise heating.

  1.     Double or Single Cavity?

You may come across scenarios where the same company is offering a double as well as a single cavity built-in oven. Ovens with a single cavity have both oven and grill integrated into the same cavity. A double cavity oven, on the other hand, has a main oven and a separate cavity for either a grill or oven.

  1.     Built-in Functions

You can do a range of functions in a built-in oven that offers you top-class cooking and baking experience. Different companies and brands offer different models with varying features and functions. For example, there are some offering as many as 14 different functions such as self-cleaning, defrosting, radiant heat, double grilling, intensive baking, etc.

  1.     Size Options

Usually, built-in ovens are spacious and are designed for installation within a kitchen column. The size or capacity varies from model to model and depends on the functions and features. By considering your kitchen dimensions and your needs, you can decide the perfect size for your kitchen.

  1.     Inner Coating

The inner coating is important to consider for cleaning purposes. An oven is an appliance where the cavities can often accumulate grease and dirt. There are ovens that use enamel or heat shield coatings that naturally prevent the build-up of grease and offer easy cleanup. Some offer a catalytic-lined coating that absorbs and burns off grease. There are yet some that offer self-cleaning operations that transform baked-on deposits into easily removable ash.

  1.     Layered Glass Door

Most built-in ovens come with layered glass doors. There are some models featuring double or triple layers of tempered glass. This glass prevents heat loss and enhances the efficiency of the oven.  A triple-layered glass insulates heat and ensures the outside is cool to the touch.

  1.     Telescope Sliders

Some ovens feature telescopic slider shelves that can be pulled out to a safe point and remain sturdy until pushed back. This makes the transferring operations safer and easier.


Benefits of Buying a Built-in Oven

Installing built-in ovens is an ideal way to accomplish a truly streamlined look in the kitchen. There are many benefits a built-in oven offers you, an analysis of a few ones is given below:

  •  High Cooking Capacity

Built-in ovens are usually larger in terms of capacity and space, thus making them ideal for small as well as large families. With double-capacity ovens, you can use the functions of two full-sized ovens with twice the capacity.

  • Easy Access

Keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the user, these ovens offer an ergonomic design. With these ovens, there is no need to bend down to check on the food like the traditional ovens. There are built-in features that offer you an estimated time of when your food will be cooked.

  • Versatility

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a built-in oven is the versatility of cooking and baking options you get. You also get the luxury of mixing fuel sources. By dividing the cooktop and the oven you get the best of both functions.


Make the Right Choice for Your Kitchen

Replace the old worn-out ovens and install a new and better one, offering greater benefits and features. Consider buying a built-in oven for benefits that you could never imagine. Visit Madina Electric Centre and let them guide you in choosing the right option for your kitchen.

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