7 Points to Consider When Buying a Water Dispenser

Buying a Water Dispenser

Tap water is not considered safe for drinking in countries like Pakistan and therefore we must explore ways to receive fresh and pure drinking water. Thanks to technology and innovation, water dispensers offer an economical and convenient solution to enjoy fresh and pure drinking water. Read further to learn more about this innovative technology and what to look for while Buying a Water Dispenser for your home.


Perks of Buying a Water Dispenser

Water dispensers represent the cutting edge of technology and offer us a reliable source of clean and fresh drinking water. It is one of the most convenient solutions for both homes and offices to gain access to clean drinking water. Water dispensers allow you to enjoy cold or hot water as per your needs. Offering a number of health benefits, the water dispenser is a cost-effective solution that also positively impacts the environment. With tap water being unsafe for drinking, buying a water dispenser for your home would come with a lot many benefits. While you may use a refrigerator to cool water and a stove to heat water, a water dispenser simply streamlines and quickens the process. It also saves you from the hassle of filling water bottles for storage in refrigerators. With just one press, you can conveniently enjoy a continuous supply of water.


Buying a Water Dispenser? What Features You Must Not Ignore

If you have made up your mind for buying a water dispenser, there are certain features to look at. You would find many options in the market, with each company offering many different features and functions. Your needs and preferences will, however, guide the choice.

  • Type of Water Dispenser

There are two broad types of water dispensers including bottle-less and bottled water dispensers. Bottleless dispensers receive water from a water supply. They use complex filtration systems to provide clean drinking water. On the other hand, a bottled water dispenser uses a large water bottle. 

  • Capacity of the Water Dispenser

There are various sizes of water dispensers available in the market. The size depends upon your usage. If you have a large household or office, you should choose a dispenser with a higher capacity to ensure an uninterrupted supply of water.

  • Cooling And Heating Features

Most water dispensers offer both cooling and heating features, however, there are some that offer either of the two features. Make sure that the one you are buying offers you what you desire.

  • Sterilization features

Some modern water dispensers use sterilization features such as UV radiation to ensure that the water dispensed from the nozzle is free from harmful microorganisms.

  • Child Safety Lock

Modern water dispensers offer child safety lock features which, when initiated allow the dispensation of hot water.

  • Energy efficiency

To cut down on electricity bills, you should look for water dispensers that are Energy Star certified. To minimize energy wastage, modern water dispensers use technology and are well-insulated.

  • High-Performance Carbon Filters

Filters in a water dispenser are the most important component and while buying a water dispenser you should purchase one with carbon filters. This filtration system neutralizes odors and tastes to provide you with great taste and contaminant-free water.


The Comfort and Luxury of Using a Water Dispenser at Home

Water dispensers have become essential in many households, offices, and public spaces. These appliances provide easy access to clean and refreshing drinking water. They also eliminate the need for storing and handling large water bottles. While traditional water dispensers offer basic functionalities, modern ones offer features that enhance convenience, efficiency, and safety. Water dispensers kept at home or in the office promote hydration and enhance the beneficial effects. A water dispenser also saves you from the hassle of buying and storing water bottles which can be inconvenient and pricy. Water dispensers offer you a reliable source of safe drinking water free from contaminants and microorganisms.


Innovative Features of Modern Water Dispensers

With advancing technology, water dispensers have evolved to offer features that enhance convenience, comfort, and safety.

  • Smart Connectivity

Smart water dispensers can be connected to a mobile application through which you can monitor water levels, adjust temperature settings, and even receive notifications regarding filter replacements.

  • Touch Screen Control Panel

Many modern water dispensers are integrated with a touchscreen control panel which offers users an intuitive interface, allowing easy access to temperature settings, filter integrity, and others.

  • Hot Water Safety Lock

Water dispensers with a hot water safety lock are becoming increasingly popular as they prevent accidents with hot water, especially with children around. Using this feature, dispensers dispense hot water only when the lock is initiated.

  • Temperature settings

Modern water dispensers are integrated with adequate temperature settings which allow users to tailor the temperature of water as per their preferences.


Enjoy the Benefits of a Water Dispenser with Madina Electric Centre

Considering the situation of tap water in countries like Pakistan, there is a need to introduce a convenient and cost-effective solution at workplaces, public places, and homes to ensure a continuous supply of fresh and safe drinking water. Thanks to technology, we have water dispensers that allow us an uninterrupted supply of fresh and pure drinking water. Nowadays, companies offer innovative features like UV sterilization, smart connectivity, and child safety locks in modern water dispensers. If you wish to buy a water dispenser for your home or office, you must consider the above-mentioned 7 important features to guide your decision. Considering the various types of water dispensers available in the market, you may wish to visit Madina Electric Center.

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