Effective Tips for Optimising Your Office Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser



Offices and other workplaces take great care to fulfill basic human needs and have introduced technologies such as water dispensers. Providing a continuous supply of fresh and chilled water, a water dispenser has become an integral part of office architecture. This blog will explore the benefits of using a Water Dispenser in offices and offer you some tips to optimize the efficiency and productivity of a dispenser.


What is a Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are a product of advancing technology and increasing demand for convenience and comfort. These are appliances that dispense water from a bottle through a tap. These appliances provide you with fresh and clean drinking water either chilled or hot, as per your needs. Being cost-effective and environmentally friendly, water dispensers offer users easy access to purified water with a number of health benefits. Using water dispensers in Pakistan has a greater significance as access to fresh and purified water in Pakistan is a problem. Using tap water for drinking and cooking purposes is not safe, owing to increased pollution. In such a case, providing easy access to purified water at workplaces is a necessity and social responsibility in Pakistan.


Why Must You Use a Water Dispenser in Your Office

If you are still unsure about using a water dispenser in your office, here are some compelling reasons for you:

  • Positive Impact on Health

After the Covid-19 pandemic, there are greater concerns about the safety and well-being of employees. It is the social duty of all large enterprises to provide their employees with access to safe drinking water. Drinking purified and fresh water during work enhances productivity and reduces stress and headaches during work due to dehydration.

  • High-Quality Water

The water dispenser filters out all the chemicals and other pollutants which would otherwise be present in tap water. Water from a dispenser is safe and healthy for drinking and offers health benefits. 

  • Increased Convenience

Using water dispensers in offices is extremely convenient as compared to the increased expenses of purchasing water bottles. Water dispensers can be easily refilled and can be placed at a central location which is convenient for employees to reach. Providing a continuous supply of fresh, purified, and conditioned water is what a dispenser is all about.

  • Cost-Effective

You can significantly reduce the cost of ensuring regular water supply in offices by using water dispensers. Using a water dispenser, your need to purchase and stock large amounts of water bottles is reduced. It also reduces the refrigeration of large amounts of water bottles for cold water supply during summer. Additionally, this appliance requires the least maintenance from technical staff.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Water dispensers offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to plastic use. With bottle-less water dispensers installed in the offices, the need to use plastic add-ons is reduced. This way you can contribute to reducing plastic that ends up in landfills each year.


Tips to Optimise the Water Dispenser at Office

A water dispenser is an incredibly useful and beneficial appliance for office use. Thus, to make the most out of it, follow these 5 tips.

  • Ensure Regular Maintenance

Although a water dispenser does not require costly maintenance and cleanup schedules. However, given the nature of its function, it must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure a continuous supply of clean and fresh drinking water. The mineral deposits, microbes, and other pollutants can clog the filters and may eventually affect the quality of water. Other than that, it should be daily checked for cleaning operations.

  • Optimal Placement

To achieve the most out of your water dispenser, you must place it at a location where it is visible to everyone and hence encourages hydration. Place it in a central location such as a high-traffic region near the kitchen would encourage its use among the employees. Also, avoid placing the dispenser under direct sunlight or near any heat source which can influence its efficiency and productivity. 

  • Filling the Water Dispenser Tank with Mineral Water

Using mineral water or filtered water to fill the dispenser tank would provide water that is better in quality. Tap water may contain several other chemicals that the dispenser might not be able to remove such as chlorine. Using tap water which could contain several pollutants can frequently clog your dispenser and may not provide you with the quality of water you wish.


Final Words

After the Pandemic, business enterprises and firms have shown greater concerns and responsibility towards offering a safe working environment for their employees. Among the many concerns, one particular one is towards providing safe and fresh drinking water. In this regard, the use of water dispensers has increased in recent years. It offers benefits like increased convenience, cost savings, better water quality, and environmental sustainability. For office use, the water dispenser is not just merely a convenience but a necessity, a social responsibility. Visit Madina Electric Centre and save yourself the constant hassle of buying and stocking large amounts of plastic water bottles in your workplace.

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