Planning to Buy a New Air Conditioner? Here are Some Tips

Buy a New Air Conditioner

In a tropical country like ours, an efficient air conditioning system is a necessity to bear the scorching heat of the summers. While it may not seem like a difficult decision, choosing the right air conditioner for your living space is an important decision. With temperatures on a steady rise, investing in a quality air conditioner is a worthwhile decision. If you are willing to Buy a New Air Conditioner this summer, here are a few tips for you to consider and avoid some common mistakes. This is because efficient and smooth air conditioning defines your comfort at your home.

Why Must You Buy a New Air Conditioner

Whether for your home or your working space, the decision to buy an air conditioner is a crucial one and must be given close consideration. An air conditioner is essential for both the comfort and the health of your indoor space. In addition to keeping the internal environment cool, an AC keeps the air circulating and prevents humidity thus keeping the indoors cool and comfortable. Filter technology helps to filter out all the pollutants and toxins from indoors, keeping it safe and hygienic. Modern air conditioners use advanced technology and features to provide better and long-lasting cooling. They are also more energy efficient and feel easy on the pocket. Using modern technology, the newer air conditioners are also environmentally friendly and offer a more responsible approach towards the use of technology. Considering these benefits, this is your call to buy a new air conditioner today.

Some Tips Before You Buy a New Air Conditioner

If you invest in buying an air conditioner, it can effectively serve you for years to come. Choosing the right air conditioner for your living or working space requires research and deliberation. To help you begin the process, we bring you a comprehensive guide before you buy a new air conditioner.

  • Size and Tonnage

Tonnage or the capacity of the AC refers to its cooling capacity. It is important to consider the tonnage as it must align with the space to be cooled. For smaller rooms, a 1-ton would be more than enough. However, for rooms that are spacious, an air conditioner with greater tonnage or capacity is needed. If the AC unit is too small, this would lead to improper cooling and would in the future cost you more. On the other hand, buying an AC that is bigger than the need and would consume excessive energy.

  • Energy Efficiency

With high electricity costs, the consideration of energy consumption and efficiency is an important one when buying an air conditioner. Modern air conditioners use inverter technology to reduce energy consumption. They are only a bit expensive to buy but in the long run, prove to be better than the non-inverter technology. Investigate the power rating of the AC before buying it. Also, consider buying an inverter AC to save electricity and bills.

  • AC Type

Next comes the type of air conditioner to buy. There are two basic types; split AC and window AC. To compare them both, window ACs are usually cheaper and are easy to install but have noisy operation. The split AC, on the other hand, offers you a better distribution of cooling and is quite working. They also add to the aesthetic appeal of your room or office. Furthermore, split ACs are more efficient and are better for long-term usage. The choice depends on your requirements.

  • Brand

Rather than trying a new brand, go for the one which has a reputation among the locals. Buying from trusted brands is better. You can do your research on the internet and read customer reviews and comments about the company and the model which you wish to buy. You may consult the services of Madina Electric Centre in this regard.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a New Air Conditioner

Given the varieties and the important factors to consider, buying an air conditioner could be overwhelming and people may make mistakes while making this crucial decision. By improving your knowledge about air conditioners and some other important factors, you can easily avoid these mistakes. Following are some of the common mistakes people make while buying an air conditioner.

  • Buying the Wrong Size

Always remember that the size of your air conditioner must align with the space of your room or office. Some people fall for the misconception that a bigger AC will be more effective for cooling a small room. The other wrong opinion is that buying a small AC is cheaper. It might be cheap in the beginning but if you use it to cool a larger space, it will cost you high electricity bills. 

  • Ignoring the Energy Consumption

You must not ignore the energy requirements of your air conditioner as it directly affects your electricity bills. Rather than falling for cheap air conditioners, which in the future prove to be more expensive, go for energy-efficient systems. They might feel expensive initially, but lower monthly bills can offset the initial high cost.

  • Ignoring the Post-Purchase Services

If you are investing in buying an air conditioner but are paying little attention to its regular maintenance, then it would be a wasted effort. Lacking regular and timely maintenance, an AC significantly loses its durability and shelf life and starts consuming greater energy and time to produce the same level of cooling. You must not ignore the regular cleaning and maintenance of your newly bought air conditioner.


Before you Buy a New Air Conditioner for your home or office, you must take into consideration some important parameters. Always try to align your room’s space and dimensions with the capacity of the air conditioner for efficient cooling. Some other tips include buying from a reputable company and reading the comments and reviews before buying an AC. Consider the importance of energy-efficient air conditioners and prioritize quality over price. While keeping these factors in mind, there are some pitfalls to avoid such as falling for misconceptions like buying a larger AC for faster cooling. Others are to consider regular cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner to enhance its lifetime and ensure its productivity.

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