Split Ac vs. Window AC: Which One is the Best for You

Split Ac

Every year the strong heat wave and rising temperatures necessitate the use of air conditioning facilities to transform the indoors into a haven. With rising mercury, there is a greater than ever need to install efficient air conditioning inside the living and working spaces. Find out some of the distinguishing features of Split AC and Window AC to help you decide which one to buy for your rooms.

What is Split AC and Why Use Them?

A split AC has two units; one is a wall-mounted indoor unit that blows conditioned air into the closed interior space, and the other part is an outdoor unit that expels heat out of the door. Split AC is quite commonly the choice for homes, bedrooms, and offices. It makes use of a refrigerant that upon cooling or heating, provides hot or cool air. The mechanism of cooling involves using air in the room and cooling it by passing it over an evaporator coil located in the outer unit. The two units are connected via wiring and high-pressure pipes. The split AC is characterized by its sleek design, which adds to the beauty of the room. It is also energy-efficient and can be used inside houses, rooms, and offices. Split Air Conditioner is durable, especially with proper maintenance and cleaning.

Split Ac Vs Window AC: The Big Differences

To help you make your choice for an air conditioner, some of the differentiating factors are mentioned below:

  • Design of the AC

The split AC has a distinguished design of two units, one outdoor and one on the inside. The window AC, on the other hand, has only one unit containing all the parts.

  • Installation Space

A split AC requires less space in a room for installation owing to its sleek and elegant design. The window AC is installed in a window, which also blocks sunlight during the day and requires a much larger space because of its design.

  • Energy Efficiency

The energy consumption depends on the cooling power of the AC. An air conditioner with 1.5 tons capacity would consume more than 0.5 tons. Usually, window AC consumes less than split AC. However, using inverter technology helps to reduce electricity consumption.

  • Noise

There is an obvious distinction as split Air Conditioner produces little to no noise, thus perfect for rooms and offices. This is due to the outdoor unit that produces noise. As in the case of a window AC, there is no outdoor unit, hence the only unit involved produces sound noise.

  • Cost

The window Air Conditioner is always cheaper to buy than a split AC. The installation and maintenance costs are also lower in the case of a window AC.

  • Preferred Location

The window AC is generally effective when installed in small and confined spaces such as rooms. A split AC of the same tonnage produces greater cooling and is therefore ideal for offices and large apartments. Also given the elegant design and reduced noise production, using the split air conditioner in a living or working space is usually preferred.

How to Choose the Right One?

The right choice depends on taking into account many important factors such as the size of your living space, your budget, cooling requirements, etc. By taking the above-mentioned factors, you can decide whether you want an AC for a small space or a large one. If it is a small room, using window AC is economical due to reduced cost, maintenance needs, and energy consumption. However, if you are willing to cool bigger space like a classroom, an apartment, or an office, using a split Air Conditioner is better, it produces greater cooling with much less noise. For some people, the design and color of the air conditioner are also important for the overall room aesthetics.  In the market, there is a wider choice of design and color for split AC than for window AC. Consider the brand, warranty, and return policy. Also, consider whether you want an inverter AC or a non-inverter one.

The Benefits of Using a Split AC

When you are ready to buy for yourself an air conditioner, consider the benefits of using a split AC for your rooms and offices. Most people jump straight to buying a window air conditioner due to its low cost. However, you should not be haste about making this crucial decision, because a worthy AC would serve you for long. Consider the energy efficiency, cooling efficiency, and noise pollution before choosing a window AC. Following are some of the benefits to help you choose a split Air Conditioner rather than a window AC:

  • Hassle-Free Installation

The installation of a split AC does not require you to look for a window, rather any elevated wall would work. Also, the installation is simpler but requires professional assistance.

  • Inverter Technology

In terms of energy efficiency, the split air conditioner is better than window AC because, for the same tonnage, the Split Air Conditioner generates greater cooling. It is also able to easily cover large spaces. With inverter technology, using a split AC is a good choice for its excellent energy efficiency.

  • Quite an Operation

One of the many good features of a split is its ability to operate with little to almost no noise. This makes it especially useful for offices and bedrooms for a calmer environment.

  • Easy Maintenance

The split AC promises durability when maintained properly and regularly. The filters when regularly cleaned would not let the efficiency die and increase the durability and longevity of the appliance. Thus, making it a worthwhile investment.

Leverage the Transformative Power of Split AC

If you wish to buy a Split Air Conditioner, you may consider visiting Madina Electric Center, known to provide quality appliances with a warranty. Consider factors like price, energy consumption, cooling efficiency, and noise to make your decision between split AC and window AC. For the benefits mentioned above, buying a split air conditioner for a bigger space is better. Transform your living space and buy split AC from Madina Electric Centre.

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