Types of Air Conditioners: Choosing the Best Air Conditioner for You Home

Best Air Conditioner

With the temperature rising in Pakistan, the need for an efficient and reliable air conditioning system is more than ever. The role of a proper air conditioning system in homes is more than just providing cooling. It improves indoor air quality and offers you a haven to seek refuge after a whole tiresome day. An important question that arises when shopping for air conditioners is which one is better for your home. To find out more about the different types of air conditioners available in the market, read this article. Transform your indoors and choose the Best Air Conditioner for your home.


The need to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for 

Air conditioning has redefined the definition of comfort. From maintaining the temperature inside our living spaces according to our liking to reducing humidity, air conditioning makes the inside of our homes livable. In temperate regions like Pakistan AC offers benefits to users to be able to control their home’s temperature throughout the year. Not only air conditioning is necessary for cooling the indoors but also eliminates high humidity. The air conditioners have filters to clean the air before supplying it. This is important for your health as well. By integrating an efficient and reliable air conditioning system, you can maintain a healthy and comfortable internal environment that works like a haven for everyone living in the house.


What are the Different Types of Air Conditioners

Now that you know about the importance of air conditioners, let us dive into the different types of air conditioners available in the market. 

  • Duct AC

These types of AC are suitable for large homes or commercial spaces that require integrated cooling at many rooms. This makes them ideal for supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. This type of air conditioning uses treated air to circulate through fans and ducts into each room, thus maintaining a uniform temperature throughout. Being suitable for large areas, these units make zero to minimal noise and allow you to work and sleep peacefully.

  • Cassette AC

Being similar to conventional split AC, these have the exception that the indoor unit is mounted on the ceiling. These air conditioners are ideal for small rooms with limited space. Also, spaces where the construction architecture does not allow for installing a duct AC system, are preferred types. These ACs can cool the room faster than conventional split ACs with the same tonnage.

  • Window AC

This AC consists of a self-contained air-conditioning unit that is placed in a window. It does not have two separate units, rather only one unit contains the entire system. These are perfect for cooling small rooms and limited space. These are, however, noisy and may not be suitable for rooms or offices. It is an easy and economical choice for small houses.

  • Portable Air Conditioners

As the name suggests, a portable air conditioner consists of a mobile, self-contained air-conditioning unit that is placed on the floor. It expels exhaust heat using a hose vent through an exterior wall or window vent. These air conditioners are an economical choice for rooms under 500 square feet.

  • Split AC

These air conditioners break the air conditioning system into two units. The condenser is located on the outside of the house and includes the compressor, condenser, and condenser fan. The interior unit handles the delivery of conditioned air. This system is commonly found in homes and hotels and is an increasingly popular option for homes without an HVAC system. These air conditioners offer many advanced and smart options.

  • Smart Air Conditioner

Being the option for tech-savvy people, these air conditioners have made it easy to create and control temperatures of your home. You can set a custom cooling schedule that works automatically. These air conditioners have been proven to save money in the long run by maintaining the desired temperature through efficient operations. These can be connected to Wi-Fi and can be easily controlled using a mobile application.


Which Type is the Best for Your Home

To find out the perfect choice for your home, consider the following parameters to decide.

  • Budget

Your budget is the foremost factor for most price-conscious consumers. Evaluate your exact needs and choose an AC that serves the purpose and fits within your budget. Consider the upfront price as well as energy consumption and energy efficiency of the air conditioner, as this will influence your electricity bills in future.

  • Cooling Capacity

To decide which tonnage to buy, consider your room’s size and your cooling needs. An AC of 2-Ton has more cooling capacity than a 1.5 Ton AC. For single rooms or limited spaces, a split AC works best.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the durability and trouble-free functioning of an AC. Thus, determine the type of AC that can be easy to maintain. For example, if you choose a split AC, install the outdoor unit in an area that allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance purposes. 


How Can I Improve the Efficiency of My Air Conditioner?

Now if you decide the type of air conditioner you want for your house, here are a few tips to maintain and enhance the efficiency of your AC.

  • Regularly clean the air filters of your air conditioner and replace them when needed.
  • Make sure that all vents and doors are open and free from obstruction.
  • Keep your home well insulated to prevent excess heat from entering and to avoid loss of cooling.
  • You can set a programmable thermostat to optimize cooling times and save energy. This is particularly possible with smart AC.
  • You should schedule regular inspections of your AC.


Final Words

Air conditioning is one crucial aspect of improving indoor space air quality. It offers maintenance of a comfortable temperature, low humid environment, and clean air quality. To ensure the integration of the right air conditioner in your homes, you must first understand what different types of AC are available. Get to know about their features and offerings, and then make the right choice. Consider your budget, your room’s dimensions, and your cooling needs before deciding. Consider consulting Madina Electric Centre to select the best air conditioner for your home.

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