Which Inverter Air Conditioner is best for your home?

Inverter Air Conditioner

When you know your house will be cozy and cool, the scorching summer heat is considerably more tolerable. But, how can you keep your room cool even in the hot outdoor temperatures? A good solution is to install an Inverter Air Conditioner at home. Many companies offer different air conditioners that are similar in terms of functionality and price. To assist you in making this choice, we shall compare a few of them. 

Inverter AC vs Non-Inverter AC

An Inverter Air Conditioner comes with an inverter or variable-speed drive. It lets the compressor run at different speeds. You select the temperature that you want for your room. The inverter air conditioner runs from fast to slow to match that temperature. You don’t need to switch the compressor on and off all the time, rather it increases its capacity gradually. This way, it matches the temperature that you demand from the inverter air conditioner. Because it doesn’t have to start and stop repeatedly, it consumes less power and strains the compressor. This makes these air conditioners economical and more efficient. 

Whereas, conventional or traditional air conditioners have to turn on and off again and again to maintain a constant temperature in the room. This is the reason why these air conditioners use more power. These can be cheaper, but they aren’t as efficient as inverter ACs. 

What Makes Inverter ACs so Popular?

The inverter air conditioners are expensive to buy as compared to the non-inverter ones. But, they consume less energy and prove energy-efficient. The variable speed compressor of these air conditioners makes them good for the environment. These reasons make inverter ACs so popular. 

Choosing the Best Inverter AC

To choose the best inverter air conditioner, look at these factors:

  • Cooling capacity
  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • Brand reputation
  • Additional features
  • Customer reviews

Choose an AC model that has a 5-star or equivalent rating, fits perfectly in your room, and offers energy savings. You can read our reviews of different brands of ACs to make the decision easier for you.

Choosing the Right AC Capacity

Tonnes, or tonnage measures air conditioner capacity, which is the speed at which the air conditioner cools a room. Here is a table to approximate the AC capacity according to the room size:


Room Size AC Capacity
Up to 100 sq ft 0.8 ton
Up to 150 sq ft 1.0 ton
Up to 250 sq ft 1.5 ton
Up to 400 sq ft 2.0 ton


5 Top Inverter Air Conditioners

Let’s look at the top companies that offer inverter air conditioners which you can buy from Madina Electric Centre.

1 – Hisense Inverter ACs

Hisense is a very popular brand for home appliances, including their inverter ACs. The newest technical innovations are included in their air conditioners to guarantee ease and energy efficiency. Whether you want to chill a single room or the entire house, you can pick from a large selection of Hisense air conditioners to suit your demands. 

Key Features of Hisense Inverter ACs

  • Energy efficiency: These ACs use the least amount of energy while delivering optimum cooling. They reduce electricity bills with their inverter technology and eco-friendly refrigerants. These air conditioners also prove the least destructive for the environment. 
  • Powerful cooling performance: Hisense ACs deliver efficient and fast cooling even in hot temperatures because of their high-capacity coils and advanced compressor technology. 
  • Smart functionality: You can monitor and control your cooling system with voice commands or a smartphone because of the built-in smart features. It comes with options for smart scheduling and wi-fi connectivity to maximize energy savings. 
  • Better air quality: Hisense air conditions produce efficient cooling. They make the air quality better. They have filters and purification systems built right in to remove dust, pollen, and other impurities from the air.
  • Whisper-quiet operation: These air conditioners chill the house without creating damaging loud compressor sounds or hum from the fans. 

2 – Gree Inverter ACs

Gree Inverter air conditioners are very popular air conditioners. Being a Chinese brand, they manufacture some of the best and most durable ACs. They have impressive features inside fascinating designs. They offer low voltage startup and ultra-low frequency torque control. These energy-efficient air conditioners offer faster cooling and heating, intelligent defrost features, and ceiling cooling and floor heating systems. 60% energy saving is possible with these inverter air conditioners. 

3 – Haier Inverter ACs

Haier is a manufacturer of one of the best inverter air conditioners in the country with an appropriate warranty and a lot of features. They offer air purification and a wide voltage range to keep the air conditioner running with no interruptions. Some advanced features of Haier air conditioners include self-cleaning, UPS enabled, Wifi control, Turbo cooling and heating, one-touch cleaning, and hidden LED. 

4 – Kenwood Inverter ACs

Kenwood is a Japanese brand and it offers inverter air conditioners with the latest technology and cutting-edge features. They have a premium look, with DC inverters, and separate display panels. You can set up a timer for 24 hours, get a powerful air-flow, turbo operation, heat and cool function, and a long warranty. The LED display is hidden, it can auto restart, comes with 100% copper pipe, and UVC light ensures the air is free from bacteria. It is up to 75% energy efficient, has golden fins, there is an inner-grooved copper tube, and operates on low voltage. 

5 – Dawlence Inverter ACs

Dawlence is a very popular brand of reliable home appliances, including inverter air conditioners. These air conditioners come with many cutting-edge technologies and features, such as dual functions of heating and cooling, low voltage operations, anti-corrosion condenser fins, memory resumption, copper connecting wires, self-cleaning, and gold fin condenser and evaporator. Further features include a multi-speed compressor, low-voltage operation, and auto cleaning.


Your demands and the location of the installation will determine which inverter air conditioner is best for you. Examine and contrast the features of several air conditioners before making your choice. The cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and cutting-edge features are some other things to consider, while also looking at the price. 

Madina Electric Centre offers the latest and most affordable air conditioners with details about specs and features to make the decision easier for you. 

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